Wedding in Focus: Keely & James

At the end of May I had the pleasure of doing the cakes for one of my best friends Keely.

Keely is one of the most special people I know and will do anything for anyone. She has so much fun planning her wedding but a couple of days before she unexpectedly had to change a lot of them around. Luckily her and her friends and family pulled it off and she had a perfect day.

Kayleigh Pope was the photographer for the day and I love her style. She was the kind of photographer that you don't even know is there. That is something I look for in a wedding photographer. You can visit her blog here and Facebook page here. Kayleigh has kindly allowed me to use some of her pictures to show the cakes I made and I have also included a few of my favourite shots of the day. I hope you enjoy them.

Please make sure you pop over to Kayleigh's page and leave a comment :)

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