Well firstly apologies for the long delay between posts, just not found the time to get on here.

Been busy baking, getting sorted for my new (day) job which starts tomorrow and sorting out admin.

I have a couple of cupcake parties booked now which is fab, they are great fun and seem to be popular.

Really starting to feel the cold weather now, the slow cooker is out and has been used a fair bit already. Also searched high and low today for a hot water bottle but could not find one anywhere! May have to order one online. Shops are full of these things you put in the microwave- i just want a normal bog standard hot water bottle!

Made my Christmas cake the other day which filled the house with all my favourite smells, also used some of the mixture to make christmas cupcakes which went down lovely with a cup of tea.

Made some sex and the city girlie style cupcakes for a 40th which worked out well, loved the colours- see below

Also have a done a few simple poured fondant cupcakes

This week not many orders to do apart from some wedding samples which is probably a bit of a blessing seeing as this week I am starting my new day job with Nationwide. Wish me luck!