Monkey Madness

Monkey Island was my favourite ever game when i was growing up. And They have remade it! Very excited to get my hands on this!!!


Sugar and Spice and all things nice

Well Derren Brown did not manage to stick me to my seat so am able to post an update!

Today I have made some garden cupcakes and some sweetie cupcakes and must admit i did eat one myself too!!!

I had a delivery of some new sprinkles today which is exciting!!! I know very sad that i get excited by sprinkles! Trying to build up my collection so if you have any good sprinkle sites let me know!

Tomorrow I have girlie cupcakes to make and also some baby boy christening cupcakes. Looking forward to doing them as the customer has come up with some nice designs.

I'm also sorting through all my cake decorating things and getting some kind of order together, sprinkles in one drawer, cutters in another etc! We are in the process of looking for a new house and I'm dreaming of a bigger kitchen with lots of space!

I really need to get a better camera so I can take some more professional looking photos of my cupcakes. I see others and they look fab. I also want to get my website done professionally in the next month or 2 so watch this space!

I am now as of today on my garden leave from my job that I was made redundant so using the time to try out some new designs, recipes, looking at new suppliers, sorting out admin, do some marketing etc. If anyone has some nice cupcake recipes for me to try let me know :-) I'm going to do some sticky gingerbread ones and some lemon meringue cupcakes too, will let you know how they turn out.
Happy Baking xx


It's National Cupcake Week

Well i've been quite busy the past few weeks so sorry I have not posted for a little while.

I've done wedding cupcakes, tea party cupcakes, birthday cupcakes, thank you and just because cupcakes.

It's National Cupcake week so this Saturday i'm at Small Tot's nursury in Banbury with my cakes to try and spread the cupcake love, pop in if you are around. I also have some birthday cupcakes and Christening cupcakes to do this week.

I also want to try out some new flavours of cupcakes this week so if you have any suggestions get in touch!

Today I heard the news that Patrick Swayze had passed away. Very sad news, Dirty Dancing is one of my favourite films. My thoughts are with his family.

Wedding cupcakes- Lemon, Vanilla and Strawberry

Chocolate and Vanilla Mix

Cupcakes for Hen Party